About Us

I offer you and your guests delectable meals to eat in the comfort of your home. You also learn the skills required to reproduce this meal at future events to wow your guests. You can pick from a selection of choices or I can tailor a meal just for you and your friends needs. Of course, I also cater events large and small.


Delicious, healthy, affordable and fresh food for you and your guests. That's what's on my menu – and now lets get it on yours!

Take a look at my sample courses.

Bon appétit!


I offer an experience that you and you guests will enjoy and learn from at the same time. You will walk away from this with the knowledge and the confidence to impress family and friends at future events. This experience can be as hands on as you like, or sit back and watch and enjoy the party! At the end of every event all guests will get their own copy of the recipe taught that night as well as a fine dining experience with family and friends.


The food is made with all fresh ingredients from local sources. Let me know if you have dietary restrictions/allergies - I will help you find just the meal you want for you and your guests.



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